i-Ready Luncheon @ CCA

Last Friday, Josh C. and I attended an i-Ready Showcase Luncheon at Clear Creek Amana. We’ve received a few different training sessions on i-Ready, and I’ve spoken with our support staff quite frequently on a variety of questions and issues we’ve had with the product.

Dan Henderson, our initial contact with i-Ready was sort of the emcee, but most of the information at this particular session was presented by the teaching staff at CCA, which made the day far more impactful and informative. One thing I particularly appreciated about the entire presentation was that everyone was very up front and honest about what they liked and what they didn’t like about the i-Ready product.

Although I don’t feel like Josh and I came away with a ton of new information, I think we did come away with some new inspiration, and definitely some confirmation of what we’ve been thinking and experiencing with i-Ready here at Vernon. The staff at CCA echoed our frustrations with certain functions of the program, so we felt like we were on the same page there. But I think the biggest takeaway for me was the need to really dive in and more fully leverage i-Ready across the board.

If you’re not familiar with i-Ready’s use here at Vernon, we’ve adopted it as a universal screener in 7th and 8th grade math and literacy. Beyond that, i-Ready also provides individualized lessons, growth checks, curriculum, and a variety of reports that provide a lot of insight into student performance and proficiency.

Although we may not have implemented all of the features that i-Ready offers as thoroughly as we could have so far, I got the feeling we’re still on the right track. The staff at Clear Creek Amana emphasized that getting i-Ready integrated so fully was a lengthy process – but their enthusiasm and the results they displayed were enough to encourage me to refocus our attention on moving us forward in that process.

Overall, the showcase showed us what could be possible with a more thorough and consistent implementation of i-Ready’s various features, reports, and programs, but it also acknowledged many of the challenges we face in getting to that implementation. And while we might not have left CCA with a foolproof plan for getting the results we want, we did come away with a lot of ideas about i-Ready and student engagement, incentives, scheduling, proficiency, grouping, reports, and more.

Like CCA, I think it will take us a while to see the results of our efforts with i-Ready, but if we can get results like theirs, it will be worth the hard work and the wait.