About Mr. Lang

Olive and Me!

Hi, I’m Olive, and I’m adorable! 😸


I’m Mr. Lang, the School Improvement Coordinator at Vernon Middle School in Marion, Iowa. I taught 8th grade Literacy for the past three years here at Vernon, but decided to pursue my new position because I wanted to make a bigger difference than I could in my classroom alone.

As School Improvement Coordinator, I work with teachers and students to improve student achievement, learning, and engagement. That ends up meaning a lot of things, but I focus a lot on student data, assessment, technology integration, and on collaboration between teachers. I also just try to help out and problem solve any way I can!

On the personal side, I’m an avid reader (especially young adult), love video games, technology, writing, and a variety of other things. I live in Hiawatha, IA with my boyfriend, our friend, and our adorable cat, Olive (see photo to confirm adorableness).